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Characteristics of Gold-plated

Gold plating can also tarnish easily if it is subjected to any material that isn’t pH neutral. The pH scale measures how acidic something is.




Jewelry Care
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How to Keep Your Jewelry from Tarnishing?

1. Store It Properly

Store your jewelry in your jewelry box individually better with soft packing.

Avoid exposure jewelry to the direct sunlight as it will cause discoloration and dullness. 


2. Keep It Dry 

Keep your jewelry away from moisture and liquids. Remove your jewelries when you apply lotions / creams, wash your hands, bathe , swim , spray perfume, sweat. If your piece gets wet, wipe it dry immediately. 


3. Keep it away from sweat

Sweat will cause discolorations on your jewelry especially when sweat has a highly acidic characteristic, jewelry that you are wearing will tarnish or fade easier. Therefore, please wash away your sweat on your jewelry and keep it dry often. 


4. Avoid contact with chemicals

Keep your jewelry away from sea water , pool water , sunscreen , shampoo, perfume , bleach , hot spring , dye and others chemicals as it would cause damage to the surface of jewelry. 

5. Be careful to clean with Polishing Cloth or Cleaning Solution

Only clean your jewelry with polishing cloth or dip in cleaning solution when it's tarnished only. They may wipe off or strip away the protective coating of your plated jewelry. 

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